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Our Story

Biggestech, a business development company, has launched and started their activities in 2017 with particular biggest dreams and goals. At present, a remarkable amount of online business companies is emerging and obtaining achievement through social media. But due to proper support, solution and adverse condition of social media small online business companies often fail to achieve their success and some disappear for good. Since the inception of us, we’re trying to support the small business companies through developing a business environment and ecosystem in social media so that the barriers of all business companies in the way of developing and succeeding are eliminated and they can successfully run, make success and sustain their business for a long period.
Biggestech is adorned with forward thinking a creative team which is also working its level best to enhance the embellishment of Bangladeshi IT sector and present is as one of the best in the world. As for it, Biggestech serves any companies with IT related support, help and viable online marketing strategies. Online business Companies gain success when their companies are top listed in social media. Therefore, we make ourselves adept at providing our clients with Social Media Optimization” and “Content Optimization” service to make their businesses and contents top in the social media and search engine. Web analysis, creative and unique content development services are also included in our service list.

Our Slogan

  • Developing Your Dreams, Not Just A Website

Our Mission

The demand for IT-enabled service is much in our country currently. Biggestech’s first mission is to lead the market providing quality and unique IT enabled services to the thousand business companies. Our second mission is to uphold our IT sector in the world as a well-developed sector.

Our Vision

Biggestech trust in innovation. Generating innovative ideas then delivering them to market is our vision that will assist our small business companies in growth and developing. Our indigenous people hold a negative concept about online business and IT sector. Our next vision is to change the negative concept from their mind presenting success and accomplishment of these sectors to them.

Our Vision

Biggestech is mainly focusing on social media. Social media has been a major platform for online business companies. Therefore we’re currently making business companies educated with the best practices that they can apply on social media to be flourished. Besides we are trying to introduce business companies with numerous branding tactics that will help them for making a great brand image.

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Meet Our Team

Abul Khayer

Founder & CEO

Mehedi Hasan

Web Developer

Moktader Ahamad

Content Writer

Nazmul Huda

Project Manager