10 Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Business Website

10 Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Business Website

In this modern era, your business must have a business website to gain tremendous success. Most of the people do not know the skill of building website. In that case, if they need a website they give the responsibility of building their website to a paying web developer. On the other hand, a paying freelancer can provide them with content.But in spite of having a website ready, most of the people do not gain success from their sites as people don’t truly identify what they need starting out.

Here I have presented to you 10 steps that you can take before building a business website. And if you already have a website, these steps will ease you to realize why your website is not being successful.


It’s very common that when people decide to build a website they do not take enough time to plan of what they desire to display to the whole world about their business and themselves. That’s a major problem and the first barrier of being successful with a business website. They just approach knowing that they need a website and having some vague ideas about the purpose of the website but they don’t actually know what they want to start out.

To make a website successful you have to go ahead with some strategies. You have to think more and more who you are, what you are passionate about. And for business website think about the core values of your business. If you do not clarify these important subjects you actually do not know what you need to create. Again your website is actually a message to your clients or visitors. If you make a website without thinking these people will have a confusing and jumbled message from you. So start your website implementing fruitful website strategies.

The Customer Journey

After establishing the core values of your business and deciding the message you want to send your audience when they visit your site, your next step is to consider the type of journey you want to let people experience through your website. So, first of all, consider what will be the visitor’s first impression when they visit your website. First impressions are very important that’s why it’s considered as the most important detail to be known when planning for a business website.

Another most important subject is to have a clear idea about who will be the optimal visitors of your website or who are your targeted audiences. Based upon the answer to this question you have to include to your website what you want. If young people are your targeted audience then include more videos than written content to your site as young people love to watch videos than reading content.

Visitors will go from page to page of your website. While doing this will they get a clear message about your company or brand? What content will make them stay on your website? What pages can convince them more to buy from you? These questions must be raised in your mind before building a website


So let’s discuss the next step. Your next step is to begin mapping out all pages that you desire to include to your website. Though you have a general idea of what pages your website belong to but it’s better to draw your plan on a paper that will aid you to have a bird’s eye view of what pages you want to build. You can also use the program of computer like Paint to have a pictorial view about the pages of your website but draw the website on a paper with a pen or pencil seems easier.

So as your convenience, you can select a method of mapping out your website but most important thing is figuring out the main categories that you want to create in your top-level menu. While mapping out, do not forget to take enough time to consider what the user experience will be on every page and if visitors will find what they need.


Your next step is very simple but people often face trouble with this step. You have to start building your website with wireframes. This means every page of your website should have one objective that will keep your visitors away from being confused while navigating the site. You know very well that a confused visitor will not purchase from your website. So pages must be set up in a way that can ease visitors to find what they need and purchase your product or service.


There is a well-known saying “content is king”.  When building a website your one of the most important tasks is to hire talented and educated content writer to provide you with high-quality content. If you are expert in writing content then it’s far better. Otherwise, give the responsibility to the experts. The content that you will include to your website is not only going to invite people to your website but also going to keep stay for a long time and introduce them to your brand.

The necessity of content can’t be described by few words. For better ranking on search engines you need content and for establishing yourself as an authority in the market you need content either. But the most important thing of the content writing process is considering the status of your audiences and what kind of content will please them.


Giving a stunning design to a website is a crucial part of website strategy. But people often give much emphasize on that part and fail to maintain other important areas. If your website is designed fabulously it will allure people and make people stay on your website for a long period. Try to create a design for your website that matches much with your brand. Some websites fail to make visitor as their customer because of low-quality design as this kind of website is perceived as a low-grade website.


The functionality of your website plays a vital role in success. If you fail to organize your website perfectly or if people feel complexity to navigate, they will have a bad impression of your website as well as business. To present you as credible and professional to your users try your level best to put the best systems to your website and it’s a major part of your website strategy. Take your time to think more about shopping cart and email auto-responder that you desire to use.

Infusionsoft has been very dependable and as it provides numerous services all in one package. People are taking their services vastly. Again people who do not need a widespread amount of services they can go for SamCart or WooCommerce. Try to examine the different options and figure out which one will suit you the best. Another fruitful way is to notice the neutral reviews of difference services written by its users. It will allow you know about the pros and cons of them that ease you to take the best service.

Bug Testing

What you are going to do next is testing out your website as well as its functionality. Strive to know what problems your customers will have while trying to navigate your business website before sending the spree of traffic to it.

After that, you have to spend money to send to your website well-targeted traffic. Obviously, do not send people to your site before it has been thoroughly tested out. Take time to ensure that everything is alright and your message is reliable and perfect to send in traffic. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This holds good for your website too.


For your business growth using analytic is one of the most successful ways. People think that only being adamant on how their company will be represented to customers and how the customers will find the content valuable is the only strategy to follow while building a business website. Your Job is not completed here.

Most of the people do not have any idea that using various services like Google Analytics they can regularly find out things like what buttons users are clicking much, the source of traffic as well as how long people are staying on a business website. These data are a very valuable asset as they help you to figure out what kind of change you can make to your site to bring more targeted traffic, to get more people and make the visitors experience more pleasant.

Split Testing

This not an imperative task but if you do it you will be benefited. Split test paves you the ways of gaining valuable data about your website. Immediately after getting your site up, using diverse headlines, button colors, video titles, and so on you can start to split test variation of your pages. The surprising matter is that a small change to a page causes a substantial change in the quantity of engagement, purchases, and interaction your website receives. That’s why split testing of pages is highly recommended. Conversion-Rate-Experts.com follow the link if you do not know how split testing works.

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